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How To Register: In order to register you must first make a username and password (see "Register" on the top right of the page or "Sign Up" below). Once you have a username and password you can log in and pre-register for the youth program and/or tennis via "Membership Order Form" found under "Join the CCC" tab. Please email info@chilmarkcommunitycenter.org with questions. Thank you!

MVFF Wednesday Night Films will be shown at 7:30pm this summer, dinner with Jan Buhrman and live music at 6pm

The Chilmark Community Center is just what it says it is – a social center for the townspeople of Chilmark, summer visitors and year-round residents alike. In July and August the Center hosts a program for children and families which offers a play school, a morning program with a full range of indoor and outdoor activities, and an evening program of movies, lectures, dancing and music for children and adults of all ages. Off-season, it provides the setting for a variety of events, including pre-school classes, wedding receptions, clambakes and the Fire Department’s annual Christmas party. The Center began as a handful of informal traditions which took place during the summer in private places around town. On Mondays, the Masons hosted a sing-along; on Wednesdays, the Leventhals showed movies in their basement; and Curly Carroll fiddled and called square dances at the Cornerway. Then, in 1956, through the efforts of the Town Affairs Council, an association of summer and permanent residents, and a gift of land from Roger Baldwin, a building was erected to house all these activities and more.

While we do require immunization forms from both staff members and children attending our youth programs, a portion of the members are exempt from the immunization requirement for religious or spiritual reasons. No member will be able to attend the summer program until an immunization form or formal exemption letter is received. Thank you for your cooperation!